Who is AMP?

About Me
(and some of my friends)

AMP is me, Anna Malchow-Perryman

I am a graphic designer based in Ottawa. Even though I am currently spending most of my time studying for a Computer Science degree to expand my creative toolkit, I can never stop designing. I love creating things that express a sense of joy, quirky humour and optimism - and what better way of sharing the message than to wear it for all to see?

This store opened on Canada Day 2017. It was one of 14 new businesses that were launched as part of Canada's special 150th birthday celebration with some royal help! 

I'm excited to share my designs more widely and make them available on quality T-shirts. 

Pick your shirt
and enjoy bringing little
of inspiration to
the people around you!

All photography used on the site is also my own work. I owe a huge 'thank you' to my friends who have allowed me to take their pictures: it's people like them and people like you, that I look forward to creating more designs for!